Adventure Flights

The Roping The Wind Hot Air Balloon Team occasionally travels around Arizona for unique adventure flights. These flights may originate from a small Arizona town or from a very remote location. Your pilot has flown some very exciting and rewarding flights in the remote backcountry of Arizona. We have flown over high mountain peaks, thru remote canyons and valleys, across rugged expanses of rocky terrain and from some beautiful small Arizona towns and communities. Sometimes, these flights carry higher risk and are flown only with experienced team members. However, on occasion and dependant upon the flight area, we can offer REAL adventure flights to our customers who are looking for a bit more than the usual offering. When we do, you will find these flights posted on our special offers page.

When we use the word ‘ADVENTURE’… we are serious and are talking about a REAL adventure flight! Several companies advertise adventure flights and they are really nothing more than a flight in their local flying area that is slightly different than the usual offering. We offer REAL adventure flights for couples who enjoy a real outdoors experience. These flights are designed for those who have perhaps flown in balloons before and already have some understanding of what balloon flight is all about. These flights are also designed for those who are real backcountry enthusiasts. This kind of flight is not for someone who can’t be away from modern conveniences for more than a few hours. These flights typically are 1 hour to 1.5 hours in length, but we may find ourselves aloft for more than a couple hours. While our local flights may have us in the desert for approximately 3-4 hours… its possible you will be in a remote location with us for several hours, a half day or even a full day during an adventure flight outing. This depends upon the flight location and the outcome of the flight itself. This often times cannot be determined until we are aloft!

We REQUIRE our passengers who wish to join us on an adventure flight to be in EXCELLENT physical condition and health. Are you the right person for such a flight? Have you flown in a hot air balloon before? Do you consider yourself a backcountry enthusiast? Are you capable of hiking several miles in various terrain? Do you greatly appreciate nature and the outdoors and are comfortable being away from modern conveniences and facilities for several hours or even an entire day? Do you enjoy backcountry tent camping in the wilderness and roughing it without modern conveniences? If you can answer yes to all these questions… you are likely a good candidate for an adventure flight with the Roping The Wind Balloon Team!

Your pilot enjoys exploring the backcountry and has hiked many, many miles on some of Arizona’s most remote trails and even off trail hiking and climbing adventures. He has a strong knowledge of Arizona history and geography and can point out terrain features along the flight route anywhere in Arizona. He has also made many great high adventure balloon flights all across our beautiful state, from the sand dunes of Yuma to flying over the worlds largest stand of Ponderosa Pine forest along the Mogollon Rim and Colorado Plateau and the great Sonoran Desert in between. He posesses the necesary skills to guide you on a safe, exciting and rewarding ballooning adventure. Backcountry hiking, driving, exploring and ballooning is something your pilot continues to enjoy to this day. Occasionally, the team will even camp out the evening before an adventure flight and we welcome you to join us camping under the stars in the great outdoors and then waking up to a beautiful Arizona sunrise and a once in a lifetime hot air balloon flight over some of the most spectacular scenery Arizona has to offer!!! You cannot get this with any other balloon company in Arizona!

Each of these flights are very unique and some require specific pre-flight planning. Our equipment is rugged and designed for backcountry flying…. from our specially built chase vehicle, to our balloon system with FAA approved modifications and any additional equipment and electronics carried onboard or in our chase vehicle… we go prepared and well versed on the terrain we will be flying over and flight area we will be exploring together. This pre-flight preperation allows us to offer you a very unique, exciting, rewarding and most importantly, safe… ballooning adventure.

Passenger carry on equipment is limited, but the usual cameras, binoculars, etc are welcome. We also recommend you prepare a daypack that can be carabiner connected to the outside of our basket (for snacks, water, etc while awaiting retrieval) or overnight camping pack that we can carry in our chase vehicle for any time spent in the backcountry after your flight. We will make sure you are prepared for an enjoyable backcountry experience. This is balloning as only can be experienced with the Roping The Wind Hot Air Balloon Team!

Flight rates vary depending upon location and flight. Please bookmark our website and check out our special offers page for any upcoming adventure flights! If you have a particular location you would like to fly from… email us and let us know and we can take a look at the location and determine if such a flight is approachable (accessibility, airspace, permits, etc).