Welcome to Roping The Wind Hot Air Balloon Company!

We are the premiere hot air ballooning company in the Phoenix area offering private chartered flights for couples. Flying since 1994, we have offered hundreds of scenic and safe flights for our customers.


We ONLY focus on private flights for two people. For most, this is a once in a lifetime experience. Make it special and fly with us! Experience our interactive hot air ballooning adventures and become a part of the Roping The Wind Flight Team!


You will not find a more beautiful and scenic flight in the Phoenix area! We take you outside the city limits to fly over REAL Sonoran Desert and mountains! The flight images you see on our website are taken from our actual flights!

Our private flights are perfect for a romantic exursion/getaway, birthdays, anniversaries, proposals and weddings! Sunrise flights are available year round while sunset flights are offered during the cooler winter months.

Gold Canyon, AZ

*Sunrise flight over beautiful Sonoran Desert and foothills just south of the Superstition Mountains and wilderness area!

Peoria, AZ

*Sunrise flight over rugged and spectacular Sonoran Desert and mountains surrounding the beautiful blue waters of Lake Pleasant!

Maricopa, AZ

*Our sunset flight offering just south of Phoenix over the Sonoran Desert National Monument! Arizona rarely dissapoints with its spectacular sunsets! 

Even more magical when viewed from the basket of a hot air balloon!

We also offer flights seasonally from other Arizona locations. Just ask and we can arrange a flight almost anywhere in Arizona!

In addition to our private flights for two, we also offer other services including:

  • jumps for skydivers

  • stunts

  • aerial platform for photography/scenic photographic flights

  • Tether/static inflations for special events and store front promotions advertising on our big hot air balloons

Please feel free to ‘surf’ our site and enjoy the visit! There is a contact link available if you are interested in learning more about our services. We look forward to introducing you to the beautiful thrill of hot air ballooning!

Thank you for visiting,

Scott Nicol

Fly with Captain Scott Nicol!!!

We are not a discount hot air balloon ride company. We specialize in offering you only the highest quality 2 passenger balloon flights.

We pride ourselves on making the most scenic and spectacular flights each and every time we fly! If you want a high quality and professional ballooning experience, contact us.

Our equipment is well maintained so we can provide you a safe and pleasurable balloon flight. Your pilot truly enjoys what he does and will offer you the best possible flight based on the weather conditions the day of your flight!

We are all about scenery and providing the best that Arizona’s Sonoran Desert has to offer!